ABOUT New Orleans

New Orleans is a vibrant city in the heart of Louisiana. Nicknamed as the 'Big Easy', New Orleans sits on the Mississippi River. 

The city was settled by the French in 1718, ceded to the Spanish, reverted back to French control, then was sold to a fledgling country called the United States in 1803 (confusing we know). But as a result, it has a mix of displaced Haitians, French-Canadians, and Vietnamese, as well as droves of artists, poets, and more. 

Get yourself down to the French Quarter to explore the many sights it has to offer.

Bourbon Street

In the heart of the French Quarter, lies Bourbon Street.

The reason we created this company. 

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Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street is where the magic happens, situated in the heart of the French Quarter. At night, it comes alive where the streets are filled with thousands of people, embracing the fantastic live Jazz music it has to offer.


With Spanish and French descent, some of the buildings in New Orleans still preserve their original colonial style. Pop down to St Charles Avenue and you can experience some of the larger, Southern mansions. 


The flavours of New Orleans are completely unique. 

Although there are so many, we've picked out our favourite:


Blackened Cajun


Traditional Dishes

Some traditional dishes include:






Banana Foster

King Cake

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